The Reset Beauty Fund


A letter from our Founder & CEO
June 5, 2020

At Vesca Beauty, we have been and will always be committed to making sure Black voices are heard in every aspect of our business, from consulting Black makeup artists on product development, to testing products and shades on Black models, and paying Black creatives and content creators to ensure there is representation across our brand. 

Today, we are proud to launch THE RESET BEAUTY FUND to foster permanent change in the beauty industry. Vesca is committed to investing a minimum of $20,000 toward Black and marginalized artists, content creators and models to elevate Black and marginalized voices in the beauty industry. 

This is our first step towards fostering permanent change. We are currently a small team of 6 with no Black employees. I am committed to changing this as we grow to ensure that full-time employment and leadership opportunities are made available to  Black professionals in the beauty industry.

Carolyn Chen
Founder & CEO