At Vesca Beauty, we’re building a community-driven beauty brand centred around high-quality products and thoughtful ingredients. We bring a fresh perspective to the industry by paving the way for inclusivity, diversity and transparency while challenging generations-old standards that no longer resonate with today’s beauty lovers.

what we believe in

Create with purpose
Develop high-quality formulations with inclusive shade ranges
and ensure all products are cruelty-free and vegan. 

Embrace everyone
Ensure all voices are heard and represented
from concept to creation

Push boundaries
Challenge conventional attitudes about
beauty and the industry

Be transparent
Build relationships at every touch-point
and inspire trust with customers

Build community
Foster connections beyond the product around
shared values online and offline 

Pay it forward
Introduce new initiatives, such as The Reset Beauty Fund,
to create permanent change in the beauty industry and
give back to our community

If you have concerns about our ingredients, formulations, or shade ranges, please email us at support@vescabeauty.com.